PIPS Workshop 2024

[Updated 6 Feb 2024]

Dear PIPS members and associates,

PIPS Workshop 2024 has ended. PIPS programme office team would like to thank all members and associates for their valuable participation and invaluable inputs during the workshop.

Follow up discussions will entail and be communicated to members.

Please submit your queries, should you have any, on this workshop via our PIPS Feedback Form. Thank you.


Scan/click on the QR code below to view a more detailed agenda[updated].

PIPS Workshop 2024 - Detailed Agenda - 650pxqrcode_pips agenda v31 Jan

Event dates and venues

Date: Monday 29 Jan 2024 to Friday 2 Feb 2024

Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm daily. Event check-in starts at 8.30am daily.

Venue:  Multi Purpose Hall, Level 1 Innovis, Fusionopolis 2, 2 Fusionopolis Way, Singapore 138634

Getting to the venue - pdf guide

Nearest MRT station - One-North Station CC23 Exit D

Carpark entrance - Fusionopolis Two

Entrance to the Multi-Purpose Halls (MPH 1 and 2) and access to the lift lobby to meeting rooms at level 8 in Innovis building.

Attendee Guide

Daily buffet lunch served by a halal certified caterer will be available at the MPH with ample vegetarian crustacean-free options.

Hot beverages and light snacks including water dispensers will be available for attendees throughout the day.

Attendees who prefer other meal and beverage options can patronize the outlets in Fusionopolis One.

PIPS supports Singapore Green Plan 2030 and adopts sustainable event management practices during the workshop. 

 Self-service event check-in and sticker badge printing

PIPS Self service check in process

Step 1 - Tap on the blue button and scan your QR code at the attendee check-in terminal app.

Should you not be able to retrieve your QR code, please submit your name and organisation in the app and proceed to Step 2 and 3.

Step 2 - Tap the print icon to print your sticker event badge

Step 3 - Collect your sticker badge

Step 4 - Collect your event lanyard and badge holder and place your sticker badge into the badge holder.

Event attendees are highly encouraged to recycle your badge holders and lanyards by placing them in the recycling box at the reception area after the event.

PIPS Recycle Lanyard Event Badge holder      

Printed sticker event badges can be affixed and removed safely onto your shirt or blouse should you not prefer to don the lanyard and badge holder. Should you need a replacement, please scan your QR code again at the self-checkin terminal and get a replacement from the printer.

PIPS Event badge


View the video below to learn more about the *self-service event check in process.

*Note: You may require internet access in your mobile device should you not have the QR code saved as an image stored and accessible via your mobile device or printed as hardcopy.

Internet access

Access to internet is available via A*STAR's guest user WIFI network and is provided on a daily basis. Guest users will need to have active access to your email inbox or have an active local mobile number to receive the generated passcode to log into the network. Please refer to the steps in A*STAR Guest Wifi instructions. Should you not possess any of the above, we will be able to assist you at the door. Please approach any of our staff for assistance.

[Update 25 Jan 1.30pm SGT] A*STAR log in credentials(username and passcode) - Priority will be given to members from overseas attendees who will be joining in PIPS core workstream sessions and meetings. Credentials(username and passcode) which will be sent via a separate email to log into A*STAR Guest Wifi network within A*STAR's premises for the entire duration of the workshop.

PIPS Guide to connect to ASTAR Wifi

Meeting Rooms

Attendees must bring their own devices for meetings. Limited number of speakerphones are available to workstream meetings scheduled by PIPS Programme Office on a first-come-first served basis. Workstream leads please seek assistance from PIPS PO team.

User Guide for Anker Speakerphones

The meeting rooms for this workshop are located on level 8 in Innovis building. Turn right after exiting from MPH and proceed to the lift lobby to access the meeting rooms at level 8 in Innovis building after getting a security pass printout from the kiosk.


The is the layout of the meeting rooms on level 8. You should be able to see the reception from level 8 lift lobby.

The instructions below would be helpful for first time visitors.

Please get a temporary pass (QR code printout) from the Self Registration Kiosks at Innovis lobby and scan it to access the lift lobby via the visitor's lane.

Temporary security pass from kiosk

The Self Registration kiosks would require visitors to scan their identity documents and enter a local Singapore contact number (begins with +65)

The only identity documents accepted are identity cards issued by the Singapore Government and international passports.

Overseas attendees are highly encouraged to get a local mobile number via a prepaid SIM card which can be purchased at Changi Airport or many local shops. Alternatively, please obtain a local contact number from your organisation's local representative. Overseas attendees may use our PIPS office telephone number +65 68266379 should you are unable to get a local number from your organisation.

To exit, you are required to scan the same temporary pass(QR code printout) at the visitor's lane.

For assistance, please call 8733 5176 / 6464 or Press the 'Help' button on the Self-Registration kiosks.


PIPS Workshop Buffet Dinner

Date: Wednesday 31 Jan 2024

Time: 7pm onwards


80 Bras Basah Rd, Level 2 Fairmont, Singapore 189560

Virtual tour

1-min walk from Exit A - Esplanade via Raffles City to Asian Market Café (Level 2 via escalator from Fairmont Hotel Singapore lobby).

Take note:

Dinner confirmation is by RSVP only (please indicate accordingly via the workshop registration form). Please bring your PIPS workshop event badge or A*STAR staff pass for identification and entry.

Please be informed that outside food, drinks or cake are not permitted within the restaurant's premises.

The restaurant does not provide any complimentary car parking privileges as the carpark belongs to Raffles City Shopping Centre Management.

Transportation: There will be a 1-way chartered bus to the venue from Innovis (departs at 6.15pm sharp). Gather at Innovis pick up point waiting area steps away from the entrance to MPH.

PIPS PO on-site representative: Sharizan

Invited/Nominated workshop participants shall join us for an unforgettable evening during PIPS Workshop 2024. Our celebratory dinner event is designed to serve multiple purposes, aligning with the diverse goals of our workshop.

During an emergency

Stay calm and follow the announcements from the building safety management team.

Please be informed of the assembly area (see picture below) should there be any evacuation from Fusionopolis 2 during emergencies.

Emergency evacuation point


Useful links

  1. ICA | Entering Singapore
  2. ICA | SG Arrival Card (SGAC) with Electronic Health Declaration
  3. A*STAR Guest Wifi instructions
  4. PIPS Workshop event check in video
  5. Directions to Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) at Innovis, Fusionopolis 2
  6. Directions to meeting rooms at Innovis, Fusionopolis 2
  7. Directions to boardrooms at Kinesis, Fusionopolis 2
  8. User Guide for Anker Speakerphone
  9. Submit request for PIPS MS Teams Guest user account creation
  10. Nearest stationery supplies / printing services shop

Please submit your queries on this workshop via our PIPS Feedback Form. Thank you.

PIPS 2 Webinar Series - SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2023

The Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS) Programme Office extends a warm invitation to the inaugural PIPS 2 Webinar Series, scheduled to run from September to October 2023. This year's series will be distinct, featuring a session dedicated to the PIPS Operating Philosophy. This session will benefit both new and existing members, offering valuable insights. Additionally, esteemed members of the Advisory Research Team will showcase their universities and institutes in exciting sessions.

The series will comprise five one-hour webinars, each with an interactive Q&A segment, encouraging active participation to enrich discussions. To secure a virtual seat, participants will be asked to complete the straightforward registration process using the provided links. After successful registration, an exclusive Zoom link will be shared for access.

Participation in this series will be pivotal for expanding knowledge and reinforcing the collaborative spirit within the PIPS community. The PIPS Programme Office will eagerly await the virtual presence of attendees. It will be an enriching experience for all who join us!

PIPS 2 Webinar Poster wo links for website

PIPS Sustainability Workshop 2023 - July 2023

PIPS sustainability workshop 2023

On 17th July 2023, PIPS Programme Office organized a landscaping workshop in sustainability at Fusionopolis Two. The workshop brought together researchers from A*STAR, NUS and NTU, alongside industrial experts from PIPS core members including Pfizer, MSD and GSK to explore the collaboration opportunities in sustainability.

Researchers presented their research interests and expertise in a broad area, including photochemistry, catalysis, process development, automation, waste treatment and many others. Representatives from industry also shared their ambitions and insights in addressing the challenges in sustainability to enable the pharma industry to achieve net-zero. The workshop was concluded with a brainstorming session where both academics and industry exchanged their views and ideas. A visionary sustainability roadmap for the pharma industry in the areas of water, energy, process and waste was proposed.

This workshop stands as an inaugural step in a series of activities which will lead to a strategic positioning of PIPS 3 with an ambitious target to facilitate the pharma industry to achieve net-zero over the longer term.

PIPS Workshop 2022 - November 2022

PIPS Programme Office has organised an in-person year-end workshop for the PIPS Community after a gap of 3 years due to COVID-19. The workshop was attended by around 100 industry experts which includes PIPS Steering Board Members, Leadership Team, Technical Workstream Leads, Subject Matter Experts from core company members (GSK, Pfizer, MSD, and Syngenta), Extended Members, PIPS 1.0 Principal Investigators and potential Principal Investigators of PIPS 2.0 from A*STAR and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). Visits to laboratories located in NUS, NTU, CARES, and ISCE2 were also organised. As an Extended Member, Siemens hosted a visit to their Advance Manufacturing Transformation Centre (AMTC) in Tuas. 

Technology Transfer Process​ - April 2022

The PIPS Technology Transfer team was formed in April 2022 with the objective to “Develop Systems and Processes to enable effective Technology Transfer of projects from PIPS Research Programmes into beneficial use in local manufacturing facilities and/or global R&D/manufacturing networks”. The Team includes a representative from each core company (GSK, MSD, Pfizer, and Syngenta), I&E A*STAR, and PIPS Programme Office.

The following are the purposes of the PIPS Technology Transfer Team:  

  • To bring clarity and transparency to the transfer process
  • Accelerate technology transfers of innovations developed for Research & Development and Manufacturing into beneficial use
  • To develop a process that will help with the implementation of the technology such that the value can be manifested
  • To assess a potential framework for implementation tracking. For PIPS to consider the governance TBD

PIPS Tech Transfer process 2022

PIPS Future Themes Workshop – Tools to Accelerate the Design of Manufacturing Processes – October/November 2020

The 5-day workshop was facilitated by Mr Andrew Rutter from rutterdesign. Subject Matter Experts from the core members and Extended Team dialed in from the US, Europe and Singapore to participate in the fully online workshop which focused on exploring gaps and tools to accelerate the design of manufacturing processes within the pharmaceutical industry. The Extended Team members also shared their expertise and capabilities in this space to address and bridge the identified bottlenecks. Although the workshop mechanism was via an online platform, it did not hinder the participants from robust discussions where the norm was challenged from various angles. The output of the workshop will be synthesised subsequently to form problem statements in preparation for the future of PIPS.

PIPS Emerging Themes Workshop - October 2019

PIPS Emerging Themes Workshop

The objective of the Emerging Themes Workshop is to identify new areas and themes which are important to the pharmaceutical industry within the next 5 years. The thematic areas, for e.g., factory agility, processing technologies, etc, which have been surfaced will then be crystallised into workstreams for further exploration. Facilitated by Mr Andrew Rutter, Senior Director, Primary Engineering Platforms, GSK, the workshop attracted 30 local and international participants from GSK, MSD, Pfizer, EDB, ICES, ARTC and I3. Overseas participants flew in from UK, US and Ireland. In addition, site leaders from GSK, MSD and Pfizer were present at various segments of the workshop to share their views and experience.

PIPS Digital Factory Workshop - October 2019

PIPS Digital Factory Workshop

The Digital Factory Workshop was facilitated by Dr Antonio Feraco, Managing Consultant Industry 4.0 and Vice President Digital Service, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. The objective of the workshop is to convene subject matter experts across GSK, MSD and Pfizer to crystallise problem statements in the context of digitisation efforts, challenges and ambition within the plants to achieve a Digital Factory. The workshop was attended by 35 local and international participants from GSK, MSD, Pfizer, EDB, BMRC, BTI and ARTC. Overseas participants flew in from UK, US and Ireland. Extended Members (with some flying in from Europe) were invited to attend the last segment of the workshop to understand the crystallised problem statements and share how they could contribute.

PIPS Plant Cleaning and Plant Operations Workshop - July 2019

PIPS Plant Cleaning and Plant Operations Workshop

Organised in the domain of Plant Operations, the workshop was a platform for industry partners to share their challenges and thoughts in the context of cleaning and operations with the end goal of crystallising compelling problem statements for addressing and resolution. 

PIPS Workshop - October 2018

PIPS Workshop

Well attended and strongly supported by over 100 industry leads and subject matter experts, the workshop was organised to congregate service and technology providers, potential extended members and the local research community. The event also showcased research achievements of the community which had been seeded by the projects through the PIPS platform.

PIPS Innovation Day - October 2018


PIPS Innovation Day 2018 was facilitated by Mr Steven Pang, Managing Director, Life Sciences Lead SEA, Accenture Pte Ltd and Mr Sid Haralalka, Principal Director, Innovation Lead Industry X.0 SEA, Accenture Pte Ltd at Accenture’s Innovation Hub. Bringing together 45 participants across GSK, MSD, Pfizer and A*STAR, it was a day focused on exploring the art of the possible for digital and data analytics and visualisation. With pre-workshop interviews in the lead-up to identify priority areas, the day comprised sharing of a detailed case study, live demonstrations and immersive design thinking – resulting in the generation of more than 100 pain-points, 80 solutions and 14 prioritised use cases for PIPS. All the output has been packaged into a microsite for sharing across PIPS. Please refer to the microsite here.

Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) - October 2018


As an integrated transformative platform to showcase innovative ideas and business cases, ITAP brings together a conglomerate of manufacturers, government agencies, industry partners and businesses ranging from MNCs to SMEs. Along with our industry partners, PIPS officially signed the membership agreement during the event, hence marking the start of a fruitful and synergistic partnership.  

PIPS Talent Development Workshop - July 2018

PIPS Talent Development Workshop

For the pharmaceutical industry to continue on an upward trajectory, a steady stream of talent has to be discovered, nurtured and grown within. With this impetus in mind, the workshop was organised to solicit and consolidate ideas and mechanisms on how to launch the talent development platform in direct relation to the resources and needs of the public sector, industry partners, academia and government agencies.

PIPS Data Acquisition and Visualisation Workshop - June 2018

PIPS Data Acquisition and Visualisation Workshop

The workshop was organised to congregate stakeholders from the public sector, industry partners, academia and government agencies to identify key overarching challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry and how Singapore can leverage our strengths to address the gaps to further align ourselves.