PIPS Technology Transfer Process

The PIPS Technology Transfer team was formed in April 2022 with the objective to “Develop Systems and Processes to enable effective Technology Transfer of projects from PIPS Research Programmes into beneficial use in local manufacturing facilities and/or global R&D/manufacturing networks”. The team includes a representative from each core company (GSK, MSD, Pfizer, and Syngenta), I&E A*STAR, and PIPS Programme Office.

The following are the purposes of the PIPS Technology Transfer Team:  

  • To bring clarity and transparency to the transfer process
  • Accelerate technology transfers of innovations developed for Research & Development and Manufacturing into beneficial use
  • To develop a process that will help with the implementation of the technology such that the value can be manifested
  • To assess a potential framework for implementation tracking. For PIPS to consider the governance TBD

PIPS Tech Transfer process 2022
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