PIPS 1 has transitioned to PIPS 2. The workstreams within PIPS 2 include Active Ingredient to Product Interface, Agile Factory of the Future, Manufacturing Technology Platforms, Plant Operations, and Tools for Accelerated Process Development and Process Technology. There are 2 sub-workstreams namely, Nitrosamines and Sustainable Waste Management in the Active Ingredient to Product Interface and Agile Factory of the Future, respectively. The horizontal themes namely Sustainability, Digitalisation and Automation, and Experiment Design and Modelling are integrated throughout the entire PIPS Programme.


Since its inception, PIPS has moved ahead to serve the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore in many ways beyond enhancing operation efficiency. An example is the PIPS Talent Development Workstream where we convene a platform with various stakeholders to look at how to build a future-ready workforce for pharmaceutical manufacturing in Singapore. 

As we look to the future, PIPS will engage all stakeholders within the community to envisage and build the next phase through listening and considering all feedback. 

PIPS Milestone 2022 onwards