Vision and Mission


To lead the transformation of pharmaceutical manufacturing to create unique value for patients, the pharmaceutical sector and Singapore


To Position Singapore to Lead the Future of Small Molecule API Manufacturing

  • Design and develop innovative technologies, platforms, systems and processes to transform small molecule API manufacturing
  • Facilitate incubation, industrialisation and deployment of solutions to commercial manufacturing in Singapore plants
  • Deliver innovative solutions through world leading technical expertise from our members and local R&D
  • Lead the strategic evolution of pharmaceutical capabilities to grow the next generation of manpower to catalyse and achieve the manufacturing facilities of the future
  • Maximise global connectivity among experts to optimise and multiply network effects
  • Identify and leverage synergies between pharmaceutical and agrochemical manufacturing and technologies

To Build a Vibrant Ecosystem of Local and International Stakeholders in Singapore to Enable the "Factory of the Future"

  • Leverage expertise and strengths of stakeholders to realise a facility of the future for innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Form a self-sustaining network of experts to exchange views on emerging themes in pharmaceutical manufacturing to better position Singapore for the future and beyond