Low-carbon energy research funding initiative (lcer fi) first grant call 2021

About the Grant


The Low-Carbon Energy Research (LCER) Funding Initiative (FI) is a multi-agency initiative involving the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), the Economic Development Board (EDB), the Energy Market Authority (EMA), the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) and the National Research Foundation (NRF). It is co-driven by EDB and EMA, with A*STAR as the implementing agency on behalf of the Government.

The LCER FI aims to develop low-carbon energy technologies in the domains of hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS), to support the decarbonisation of the power and industry sectors. Technologies should be cost-effective and deliver carbon abatement for Singapore, with the intention to be commercialised/deployed beyond the project timeline.

Thematic Areas

  • Hydrogen supply, storage, and downstream uses
  • CCUS, focusing on capture for low-concentration CO2 and utilisation of CO2 to produce aggregates and synthetic fuels/chemicals

Grant Call Quantum

  • Up to S$10 million per project for Tier 1, and S$4 million per project for Tier 2. Both Tiers are for a period up to 3 years

    • For All Applicants & Interested Parties
    • For Shortlisted Applicants Only
    • For Successful Awardees Only
Grant Call Timeline
For All Applicants & Interested Parties
Call opens29 January 2021
Virtual Briefing for LCER FI
(Link to the recorded session would be provided thereafter)
25 January 2021,
1300 - 1400 (SGT)
Apply via Integrated Grant Management System (IGMS)From early-February (TBC)
Call closes (Full proposal Submission Deadline)17 May 2021, 0900 hrs (SGT)
For Shortlisted Applicants Only
Research teams whose proposals were shortlisted will be notifiedIn the week starting
28 June 2021 (TBC)
Presentation at Technical Committee Review Panel (2 or 3 days)In the week starting 5 July 2021 (TBC)
For Successful Awardees Only
In-principle approvalEnd-July 2021 (TBC)
Letter of awardMid-August 2021 (TBC)
Overall Requirements
  • Excellent science (novelty and significant improvement from current technologies) and competitiveness at international level
  • Strong collaboration across academia and industry
  • Well-developed strategy for scale-up
  • Consideration of how the proposed technology integrate with our eventual national Hydrogen and CCUS value chain.
  • Alignment with Singapore’s strategic goals for decarbonisation.

This grant call will focus on developing low and medium technology readiness level (TRL) technologies (i.e. low: TRL 1-3, medium: TRL 4-6). All proposals should focus primarily on achieving the LCER FI objectives, but also aim to achieve research excellence through the inclusion of appropriate KPIs such as citations. At the same time, proposals for medium-TRL technologies are encouraged to incorporate industry contributions, in cash or in-kind.

To demonstrate that the proposals are capable of meeting LCER FI objectives, we further encourage the inclusion of work packages in the respective proposals, which develop and enhance life-cycle assessment (LCA), life-cycle costing (LCC) and techno-economic models and proposals which develop models that are able to compare different CCUS/hydrogen pathways across the entire energy system/economy.

As part of the proposals, researchers should also establish the (i) prevailing scientific and technical landscape underpinning the technologies proposed for development and (ii) build versus buy considerations, in particular, explaining why the proposed technology is highly recommended for further R&D in Singapore, if there are existing similar R&D activities in other countries.
  • All public research institutes (Institute of Higher Learning (IHLs), A*STAR Research Institutes (RIs), and other public sector RIs) are eligible to participate in the call
  • Each project must have one or more Lead Principal Investigators (PIs). The PI(s) should:

    • Hold at least 70% primary appointment in a public sector research institute (IHLs, A*STAR, or other public sector RIs)
    • Maintain the minimum appointment level for the duration of this award

  • Teams may choose to include multiple research performers as Co-Investigators (Co-Is) on a single project. They may also choose to include Collaborators but they cannot receive any funding, whether directly or indirectly, from the award

  • All research work must be done in Singapore, unless approved by the grantor
Application Procedure
All proposals should only be submitted through the Integrated Grant Management System (IGMS) website (https://researchgrant.gov.sg/).

The grant call will open on IGMS in early-February and close on 17 May 2021, 0900hrs. Late submissions will not be accepted.
For Enquiries
For general enquiries, please refer to “Annex E - Frequently Asked Questions”.

If you require further clarification, you may reach us at LCERFI_secretariat@hq.a-star.edu.sg 

Please allow up to 3 working days for us to provide a response.

For any queries on the use of IGMS or technical issues please contact the IGMS helpdesk at:
Tel No: (65) 6556 8807 or (65) 6556 6971
Email: helpdesk@researchgrant.gov.sg