About Us


MedTech Catapult aims to bolster local design and development capabilities for novel MedTech product development and enhance high-value MedTech manufacturing capacities of our local contract manufacturing organisations. MedTech Catapult will contribute to the growth of an innovation-driven economy and a robust MedTech ecosystem in Singapore.

who we are

We are a national initiative for accelerated and high-value MedTech productisation, hosted by the Agency for Science, Technology & Research.

What we do

We aim to accelerate speed to market through design, development, verification, and validation of high-value MedTech products, with an initial focus on Life Science Tools/Instruments and FDA Class I/II Medical Devices. We work with local contract manufacturing organisations, academic researchers and clinicians, regulators and industry players across Singapore to enable this.

Our People


Our Capabilities

MedTech Catapult has in-house engineering capabilities and will work closely with its partners to translate intellectual property from technologies to commercial products, with a focus on sustainable design.

Facility & Infrastructure

MedTech Catapult is situated at Nanos, Biopolis and the facility comprises the following features:

Wet Lab
Dry Lab
Prototyping and Testing Equipment
ISO and SMQ Compliant

In-house Expertise

MedTech Catapult also provides in-house product development and product management capabilities with a team of multi-disciplinary engineers and support for quality, regulatory and clinical affairs.

Network of Design Houses and Contract Manufacturers

MedTech Catapult has established a network design houses and contract manufacturers to complement and augment in-house product engineering capabilities. This will facilitate the transfer of design for manufacturing to our CMOs.

Complementary Research, Innovation & Enterprise (RIE) Initiatives

MedTech Catapult complements earlier Research, Innovation & Enterprise (RIE) investments made by the government

Together, these initiatives support the holistic development of MedTech products across the value chain.

Working With Us

Industry Partners

MedTech Catapult is committed to accelerating the design and development of high-value MedTech products that address unmet medical needs. We are keen to partner with industry to support or jointly accelerate the development of such products – technical, clinical and commercial.

Academia/Pipeline Originators

Do you have an innovative MedTech concept that is looking to accelerate its progress through the design & development phase? MedTech Catapult’s capabilities and know-how could be helpful for your project.

We are looking for projects to be part of the MedTech Catapult pipeline that:

  • Will need access to experienced product engineers to further develop into full product
  • Is a life science instrument/tool or a FDA Class I/II medical device
  • Has a working prototype or at least POC that the technology works for intended purpose
  • Has identified at least 1 local contract manufacturer (CM)* to work with prior to project start or, will be able to work with 1 – 2 local CMs identified during the course of the project for downstream manufacturing.
  • Demonstrates significant competitive advantage against standard of care

Interested to work with MedTech Catapult? Please refer to the following steps.

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Have a project idea? Contact us for a consultation session
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Download and submit an executive summary of your project plan for consideration
*Local CM includes SG company with manufacturing presence within and outside Singapore; or non-SG company but with manufacturing presence in Singapore

Contact Us

Please contact us to find out more about the various models of partnering and support.


MedTech Catapult

31 Biopolis Way, #05-01, Nanos

Singapore 138669

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