SIFBI'S Capabilities In Food Science And Biotechnology

SIFBI research capabilities

The Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI) is a research institute that brings together end-to-end research capabilities encompassing biotechnology (discovery of producing strains, genetic engineering, biotransformation), nutrition, food process engineering and cutting-edge analytics under one roof.  
In doing so, SIFBI aims to bring cutting edge biotechnology in the forefront to drive innovation in food and many other applications. These capabilities will support the development of solutions for the needs of the Asian market, such as the discovery and production of health and sustainable foods. It also accelerates the transformation of the food industry, capturing new opportunities in established industries such as advanced manufacturing, specialty chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, and food manufacturing.
SIFBI offers an innovative value-chain of R&D helm by multi-disciplinary domain expertise in Discovery, Strain Engineering, Biotransformation, Nutrition and Analytics.