Aw Ai Ti
Department Head (Aural & Language Intelligence)

Research areas: 
Human Language Technologies, Audio Analytics & Speech Recognition, Speech Generation, Machine Translation, Question Answering & Dialogue Technology, Summarization
Ms Aw Ai Ti is the Head of the Aural & Language Intelligence (ALI) department at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), A*STAR, Singapore. She leads the department in the development and implementation of A*STAR’s Audio, Speech and Language R&D strategies.

Ms Aw pioneered the research and development of Southeast Asian Language Processing and Machine Translation capabilities in Singapore. She started her career with A*STAR in 1997 spearheading the capability development of natural language processing technology and building Machine Translation capability to address the language barrier in language understanding and information sharing. Her team, together with Ministry of Communications and Information and support from Translational Research and Development for Application to Smart Nation (TRANS) Grant, co-developed SGTranslate, a locally relevant translation engine for Singapore’s Whole of Government deployment.

The Aural and Language Intelligence department has won many awards including best paper awards (SIGDIAL 2021), L’oreal Singapore For Women in Science National Fellowship Award (2020), MTI Borderless Silver Award (2020), and international benchmark competitions such as Text-dependent speaker recognition at SdSV challenge (2020), the IARPA ASpIRE Challenge (2015), NIST OpenMT (2015).