Signal Processing, RF & Optical

The SRO department has three focus areas: Signal Processing, Radio Frequency and Optical

Signal Processing

This group focuses on neural processing, bio-signal processing, optical signal processing and video signal processing. We have formed strong partnership with clinicians to develop medical applications for healthcare and wellness. For neural decoding, our research in advancing neural information processing facilitates applications of Brain-Computer Interface which lead to applications that replace or restore neural functions that were lost due to neurological insults (stroke or injury), alleviate mental problems, such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder and enhance cognitive capabilities by detecting mental stress or fatigue. For bio-signal processing, our works in human physiological sensing and interpretation enable acquisition and decoding of continuous physiological information for health monitoring and cybernetics. For optical signal processing, our research in urinalysis using optics to detect anomalies for health monitoring purposes. For video signal processing, our research in scalable multimedia encoding and decoding targets high definition video streaming.

Radio Frequency (RF)

This group focuses on antenna, beamforming array and RF front-ends for communication and sensing. We have developed power efficient RF front-end module at mmwave (Ka-band), to enable high-speed Gbps transmissions for inter-satellite link. For RF sensing, we have developed mmwave sensor to detect anomalies for Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI). Research on antenna focus on metamaterial based compact wideband antennas, electronic beam steering array, near-field antennas, sub-6GHz antenna and mmwave antenna for communications and sensing. We have industry experience in high performance and leading edge cellular base-station multiband MIMO antenna with electrical beam tilting from concept to production. We also have good industry partnerships in RFID antenna, WIFI antenna, Inter-satellite link antenna and Inmarsat antenna. Our internationally recognized research has led to collaborations with both MNCs and SMEs.


This group focuses on optical signal detection, fiber optics sensors and optical instrumentation. We have formed strong partnerships with MNC, LLE and SME to develop applications for assets conditions monitoring, structural health monitoring, security and healthcare. For fiber optics sensors, our research in fiber Bragg grating and fiber interferometer facilitates assets condition monitoring (boiler, power transformer, switchgear box), structural health monitoring for building and large structures), perimeter intrusion detection for homeland security and vital signs monitoring in healthcare. For optical signal detection, our research in coherence analysis enable us to develop distributed fiber optic sensors, where the telecommunication fibre network is exploited as the sensor (distributed acoustic sensing). For optical instrumentation, our research in software defined multi-functions DAS and universal interrogator has attracted industry to collaborate in building structural health monitoring, border security, maritime and offshore.

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