AI for Education Programme

I2R - Nancy Chen
Head (AI4EDU)

The AI for Education Programme aspires to streamline teaching and learning by leveraging R&D endeavours in generative AI technology and learning analytics.

Its goal is to provide support to educators, lecturers, students, parents, and adult learners alike. The program holds firm to the belief that human potential is boundless, which can be empowered when AI is employed judiciously for education; it can yield positive outcomes for all, irrespective of age, native language, or cultural background.

This AI technology spawned two commercial EdTech spin-offs in 2022: nomopai, which utilizes AI to enhance oral communication and soft skills of students and adult workers, and KiteSense, which specializes in scalable personalized learning to complement classroom education. The programme is in the process of prepositioning a couple more startup spin-offs.

Multilingual and multimodal language models have been a key focus in making their AI solutions more inclusive.


Key Research Areas

virtual tutoring and automated performance assessment

Speech and language evaluation

question-answer pair generation

knowledge tracing

student engagement modelling

adaptive feedback generation