Small and Medium- sized Enterprises (SMEs)

A*STAR I2R understands the need for Small and Medium- sized Enterprises (SMEs) to introduce innovative technologies that can be easily translated into solutions for the fast- changing business landscape.

Under our Technology Adoption Programme (TAP), new technologies are identified and translated into Ready-to-Go (RTG) solutions aim to address productivity challenges and give SMEs a competitive advantage. These solutions will then be adopted by the SMEs and integrated into their businesses or introduced into the market place through these SMEs.

In the A*STAR I2R T-Up Scheme, A*STAR I2R Research Scientists & Engineers (RSEs) are seconded to the SMEs to facilitate their in-house R&D technology upgrading to further enhance their business competitiveness.

To date, I2R has benefited an estimated 300 SMEs with Ready-to-Go (RTG) solutions that enhance their productivity and sharpen their competitive edge.