Whizpace Pte. Ltd

Whizspace sys

Launched in 2016 by ex-researchers from the A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Whizpace Pte. Ltd concentrates on developing TV White Space (TVWS) solutions. These technologies provide users with longer range connectivity than conventional Wi-Fi, and operates by using unused radio frequencies in TV broadcast bands to deliver data services.

The common use cases for TVWS solutions are rural Internet networks, smart grid networks, smart farming networks, wireless video surveillance networks, networks for Industry 4.0, private networks, maritime communication networks, and cellular range extensions.

Riding on the A*STAR T-Up programme and a technology service agreement, Whizpace further developed a family of competitive IoT solutions through leveraging on A*STAR I2R’s expertise in Networking and MAC protocols.

To date, Whizpace has delivered TVWS solutions to seven countries in APAC, US, UK and Africa. In Singapore, thanks to the excellent penetration characteristics of TVWS, a US MNC adopted Whizpace’s TVWS solutions to enable Industry 4.0 transformation of their factory, connecting equipment via TVWS signals even with many blockages in between and across buildings.

On the other side, TVWS provided coverage to large plantations in Indonesia with links more than 10 km. Most plantations are unable to innovate due to the lack of cost-effective communication options at their sites which are typically located at remote areas. With fast speed and long-range connectivity provided by TVWS, sensor data, machines and humans can be easily connected to increase efficiency and productivity of the farms at a fraction of the cost compared to satellite communications.

“A*STAR has been an incubator that provides Start-ups like Whizpace with an avenue for collaborations on technology advancements. Through these avenues, we were able to combine our expertise and expand our reach in the market space, and advance our company’s capabilities in the process.” Dr. Oh Ser Wah, CEO of Whizpace Pte. Ltd expressed.