Integrated Digital Product Centre

I2R - Foo Yu Chiann
Dr. Foo Yu Chiann
Head (Integrated Digital Product Centre)
The Integrated Digital Product Centre (IDPC) aims to translate research outcomes by co-creating with the industry products and solutions that leverage digital technology research for commercial applications.  Through this process, it uplifts enterprises in their expertise and competency in digital technologies through capability development and knowledge transfer. It also strengthens linkages between R&D teams and the industry to enable better synergy between industry need and research priorities.

We adopt a product-centric approach to achieve successful translation of research outcomes. We conceptualize the products together with industry, taking into consideration market requirements, and then co-develop the products with industry and ensure integration and customization of the products to company’s needs.

IDPC Activities

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Product Conceptualisation

  • Market opportunity/problem identification
  • Competitive intelligence & analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Product differentiation and positioning
  • Product features & roadmapping
  • Requirements definition
  • MVP specifications

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Product Development

  • Agile product development, e.g.  API/UI/MVP development, performance optimization, adaptation of prototypes to meet commercial deployment needs
  • Customer experience design
  • Product validation
  • Product design documentation
  • Release management
  • Test/QA plans

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Product Integration & Release

  • Customization
  • Integration to customers’ systems
  • QA and testing

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