Aural & Language Intelligence

Speech & language is replacing cumbersome peripherals and becoming the major platform and communication channel for human-machine interactions. Many spoken language innovations are created to enhance process productivity, improve process efficiency or to propel growth. We are looking into the deep understanding of acoustics signals, spoken and written language using deep learning and linguistics representation to drive new innovations in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Healthcare and Biomedical Science and Services and Digital Economics domains, focusing on Singapore local languages and major regional languages.

Audio Analytics & Speech Recognition

We combine expertise in acoustic signal processing and deep learning speech recognition to solve real life aural problems. We develop commercial grade closed talking and far-field multi-speaker multi-lingual speech2text engines with emphasis on local accents and code-switching. We also develop domain-specific speech recognition engines and provide professional and customizable audio analytic solutions for different application domains.

QA & Dialogue

We focus on spoken dialogue systems with intuitive and natural conversation for man-machine interface. Our technologies include natural language understanding, dialogue management, task and domain knowledge representation as well as spoken dialogue platforms for adaptive dialogue management. We also work on open-domain QA and provide scalable and robust QA solutions for enterprises.

Language Generation

We focus on different summarization tasks with emphasis on conversation summarization using data augmentation, dialogue comprehension, discourse processing and neural modeling. In addition, we also work on data-to-text, knowledge-to-text and graph-to-text generation tasks that integrate temporal reasoning and causal inference.

Speech Generation

We focus on generating highly natural voice that is indistinguishable from real human voice with natural intonation and nuanced voice differences to express complex emotions.

Multilingual Processing

We specialize in local and Asian languages translation. Our technologies support low resource training and incremental learning to learn new translation knowledge from post-edits made by the end users. We also develop new techniques via adaptation and leveraging on abundant monolingual data from the web to improve the robustness of the translation systems with non-standard and noisy input.

Natural Language Processing

Language exists in different forms with incomplete sentences, slang, implicit meanings, variations where ambiguities can only be resolved through its context. Our technologies provide valuable insights through semantic and sentiment analysis of unstructured text from various formal and informal sources. These NLP technologies are used in various applications such as recommendations, search optimization and intelligence gathering. They are also useful for different vertical sectors, such as legal, finance and public health.

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