Workplace Efficiency and Safety

The  Workplace Efficiency and Safety technology centre aims to research, develop, and deploy cutting-edge technologies to increase workplace efficiency and safety. This is achieved through automating manual processes using diverse technologies, ranging from AI, computer vision, 3D spatial computing, robotics, and sensors. 

The centre aims to deliver seamless automated solutions for work and safety supervision, as well as progress tracking, to reduce manpower requirements for such tasks. This is to address the increasing labour shortage issue encountered in industries such as building and construction. It provides automated monitoring and situational awareness of the workplace; uniquely addresses both efficiency and safety concerns simultaneously.

Key Research Areas

Efficiency in Building and Construction

Utilising computer vision, AI, robotics, and 3D spatial mapping to monitor and track the progress of construction with the aim to reduce the manpower required for such tasks. For instance, robots equipped with both cameras and LiDAR sensors can navigate the construction site autonomously to measure various dimensions and visually inspect the ongoing work. The centre has been collaborating extensively with Housing & Development Board (HDB) in this field and have tested solutions in active construction environments.

3DMapping of building
Here, the robot with lidar and camera sensors autonomously roam around to 3D map the building being constructed. The lidar point clouds are used to check against the Building Information Model (BIM) 3D models, for any dimensional issues. This is work done with Housing & Development Board (HDB) under the 5G COSMO project.

Safety in Building and Construction

The centre is working towards constructing a Large Multi-Modal Model specialised in construction safety. The aim is to enable users to swiftly identify safety issues in videos using text and image prompts, eliminating the necessity for extensive training in current video analytics solutions.

Additionally, the model will assist safety inspectors in evaluating and monitoring work practices and environmental safety measures. Collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower, GovTech, and construction-heavy public agencies such as JTC Corporation, Land Transport Authority (LTA), and Housing & Development Board (HDB) is underway in this endeavour.

Image understanding of the surface finishes
Image understanding of the surface finishes, various installations and safety measures.