Healthcare & Medtech

In the digital era, a variety of data related to an individual’s health can be collected, such as brain and physiological signals, vital signs, medical images, genetic sequencing and electronic health records. We work closely with clinicians to harness the power of these data to address specific clinical needs.

Brain- Computer Interface (BCI) systems

By applying signal processing and machine learning methods on brain signals, we have developed brain-computer interface (BCI) systems for applications such as stroke rehabilitation and cognitive training.

Medical Visualisation systems

Using a combination of imaging data like ultrasound, CT, and MRI, we have also developed tools for visualisation that aid surgical planning and cardiovascular interventions. Several of our solutions have been clinically validated, licensed to industried and deployed in healthcare institutions.

Heterogeneous Healthcare Data Analytics solutions

Big data in the biomedical and healthcare space presents immense opportunities for analytics-driven disruptive technologies to improve care, save lives and lower healthcare costs. By dissecting heterogeneous healthcare-related data, actionable insights can be arrived at to help individuals and clinicians better manage their health and wellness. Similarly, uncovering factors affecting differential drug reactivity from clinical data will lead to advancements in precision therapy. By working closely with clinicians, medical scientists and relevant healthcare stakeholders, we participate in quality research that results in medical technology innovations and translations.