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Navigating Singapore’s Maritime Transformation with I²R technologies

The maritime industry in Singapore is undergoing a sweeping transformation across all facets of its operations. As it charts its course towards the goals outlined in the Singapore Maritime 20301 roadmap, several key trends are driving this evolution. These include the embrace of digitalisation and innovation, regulatory compliance, safety measures, and a focus on connectivity. To navigate through this dynamic journey, A*STAR I²R has developed advanced technological solutions tailored to address potential challenges and elevate efficiency within maritime operations.

Digitalisation and Innovation (AI for Maritime)

The maritime industry is swiftly embracing digital technologies, leveraging AI and data analytics to revolutionise traditional practices. From route optimisation and predictive maintenance to automation in cargo handling and logistics, these advancements are reshaping the way maritime industry operates.

At A*STAR I2R, we specialise in crafting Advanced Analytical AI Models tailored for various maritime applications. Our technologies excel in processing and analysing extensive datasets gathered from these diverse maritime operations. 

We empower maritime organisations to predict equipment failures, optimise route planning, and enhance overall operational efficiency. By effectively mitigating risks, minimising downtime, and reducing costs, our technologies drive tangible improvements in performance and productivity across the maritime industry.

These A*STAR I²R technologies include: 


There is an increasing trend towards creating a fully connected maritime environment where vessels, ports, and logistics networks are integrated into a seamless data-sharing ecosystem. This connectivity enhances real-time decision-making and operational efficiency.

Despite advancements, there are still challenges in achieving consistent and reliable connectivity at sea. Issues such as signal attenuation, interference, and coverage gaps can hinder effective communication and data transfer, impacting operational coordination and safety.

With robust Internet of Things (IoT) networks that facilitate real-time data collection and transmission across maritime operations, our technologies integrate various communication platforms, from satellite to terrestrial networks, ensuring reliable and continuous connectivity in maritime environments from land to sea and beyond.

These A*STAR I²R technologies include:

Maritime Assets

The maritime industry is increasingly adopting Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems for assets like ships, offshore platforms, and port infrastructure. These systems use sensors and data analytics to monitor the condition of structures and predict maintenance needs, enhancing safety and longevity.

Maintaining the structural integrity of maritime assets poses significant challenges due to harsh marine environments, corrosion, and mechanical stress. Continuous monitoring and maintenance are required to ensure the safety, operational efficiency, and resource efficiency of these assets.

We adopt advanced sensing systems to monitor and gather detailed information on maritime operations and environmental conditions, including but not limited to captured parameters such as visual, acoustic, temperature and strains.

These technologies monitor the maritime assets and environmental conditions, providing early warning of potential issues and facilitating proactive responses. This includes inspection and repairs for maritime structural assets, as well as detection and classification of events and coastal activities. Such events and activities include unauthorised anchoring, unlicensed disposal in sea and in the possible future, seismic activity, earthquakes, and tsunami etc.

These A*STAR I²R technologies include: 
As we journey into the future of maritime excellence, A*STAR I²R remains committed to pushing boundaries, overcoming obstacles, and unlocking new possibilities. Together with local regulatory bodies, we continue to navigate Singapore's maritime transformation with confidence, resilience, and innovation.