Workplace commitments

ID Labs’ priority is to provide employees, students, contractors and visitors with a healthy and safe working environment. We strive to fully integrate health and safety into all aspects of our activities, through a process of continual improvement. Furthermore, ID Labs endeavours to serve the community as a concerned neighbour and as such, refrains from any activities that could jeopardize the health, safety or environment of the community.

Our activities and efforts:
  • Comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental (HSE) legislations and other requirements
  • Continually observe, anticipate, identify and eliminate health and safety hazards in the workplace and continually review and reduce the risk
  • Ensure that our staff, students and collaborators take personal responsibility to prevent injury to themselves and their colleagues
  • Instill and promote health, safety and environment awareness and competencies by conducting regular trainings and communications with all relevant parties to prevent incidents and injuries
  • Provide adequate and appropriate resources to facilitate safe work conducted within the Institute

A*STAR ID Labs' HSE Policy.
HSE Organizational Chart