Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory illnesses are caused by a wide array of pathogens and encompass many viral infections like SARS, MERS, and seasonal influenza, along with bacterial diseases like tuberculosis. The airborne transmissibility of such diseases can lead to rapid, unpredictable spread, and SARS-CoV-2 is only the most recent respiratory pathogen to cause widespread outbreaks. At ID Labs, researchers are working to establish new treatment regimens, diagnostic methods, and vaccine candidates for ongoing and emerging respiratory diseases.

Our scientists are using multi-omics approaches to study antimicrobial immunity, clarifying the mechanisms of cell-pathogen interactions, and characterising new targets for therapeutic agents. Studies of disease-associated epigenetic modifications and host immune responses are aimed to enhance our understanding of host-pathogen crosstalk and the ways in which immunity can be harnessed or bolstered for therapeutic effect. Meanwhile, research into rapid point-of-care diagnostics and health monitoring technologies will improve our ability to track outbreaks and manage epidemic response programmes.

Respiratory Diseases Research Programme