Mission, Vision & Core Values


We innovate in materials research to improve lives and capture economic value for Singapore

Here at IMRE, we believe that materials and material systems are cornerstones of breakthrough solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges in health, sustainability and economic growth. We aspire to create new technological possibilities in partnerships with our sister A*STAR institutes, R&D institutions, local enterprises and multi-national corporations, contributing to an open innovation culture in Singapore. We aim to develop high quality programs to nurture and develop the next generation of materials experts and scientific leaders for our nation.


A Global Leader in Materials Innovation

By RIE2025, IMRE will become a leading centre for advanced materials research, creativity and breakthrough innovations. IMRE will be a gathering place for brilliant minds with passion for tangible impact through materials research and technology translation. Through strong partnerships with the industry and the academia, IMRE will catalyse materials-enabled solutions to meet global challenges in sustainability, health, communications and economic growth.  


Because Materials Matter

Core Values

  • Integrity

    In corporate and personal conduct

  • Quality

    To aim for quality in staff, research and administration

  • Excellence

    To pursue excellence in our work

  • Impact

    To bring benefits to Singapore's economy and to improve our quality of life

  • Respect for Individuals

    To respect views and ideas of individuals