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The ACI Department at IMRE targets the development of novel characterisation techniques, through instrumentation and new or more efficient analysis to help realise new materials development and support the demanding failure analysis requirements in line with IMRE’s and A*STAR’s mission. Advancing from the characterisation and instrumentation activities, we aim to translate our research outcomes into prototypes for possible commercialisation.

Home to a suite of high-performance analytical instruments for materials characterisation and a qualified team of experienced scientists and specialists, the team offers a broad range of services in advanced materials characterisation and failure analyses to support A*STAR researchers, the wider research community such as universities, public sector agencies and industry. The list of our services and main characterisation equipment (non-exhaustive) can be found here.

Research Groups

Service Groups

Microscopy and Physical Properties

The group is adept at a wide range of materials characterisation that support process evaluation and failure analysis, through surface and cross-sectional imaging of micro to nano scale features, combined with crystallography as well as elemental composition and chemical bonding state identification. The group also performs electrical, magnetic and mechanical property tests. With growing capabilities built from solving challenges faced by our research counterparts as well as industry partners, we seek to contribute to advancements in understanding the structure-property relations of materials and their performance across various applications.

Contact: Dr. JI Rong,

Surface Science and Chemical Analyses

The group focuses on surface and chemical analysis providing elemental, chemical and molecular information from surfaces and in-depth distribution with high sensitivity and high depth resolution. This allows for material composition analysis, identification and quantification of micro-contaminant which are essential for improving process control, product quality and developing new products in areas such as Electronics, Aerospace, Precision engineering, Chemicals, Food, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology.

Contact: Mr. Richard XING Zhenxiang,

Thermal and Spectroscopy

The group focuses on thermal analysis and spectroscopic characterization of the molecules interaction with infrared, Raman and X-ray Fluorescence. We aim to address the demand for the thermal and spectroscopy characterization, so as to provide insights to material thermal properties and solutions to the problems faced.

Contact: Ms. TAN Sze Yu,

Productisation Group

The group aims to develop advanced prototypes based on IMRE’s technologies for demonstration of applications and testbed evaluations. Our capabilities include: Electronic Circuit Design, Firmware Development, FPGA / CPLD Design, IOT Apps Development, Mechanical CAD Design, Mechanical Fabrication, Instrumentation & System Level Programming.

Contact: Mr. LAI Szu Cheng,


Circular Dichroic Photoluminescence
Contact: Dr. OOI Zi En,

Package Integrated Sensor
Contact: Dr. Anton Valentinovich SADOVOY,

Ferroelectric UV Radiometer
Wireless Piezoelectric Accelerometer
Piezoelectric Jet Dispenser
Optical Fluid Analyser
Contact: Mr. LAI Szu Cheng,



Dr. ZHU Qiang
Head of Department

Dr. Nikodem TOMCZAK
Deputy Head of Department (Research)

Dr. JI Rong
Deputy Head of Department (Industry)

For service enquiries, please email: