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The ELE department currently houses a group of dedicated, experienced and highly talented scientists and technical staff deep capabilities in electrochemistry, materials growth, device physics, transport and thermal physics, applications of machine learning techniques, automation as well as device or system level design, fabrication and testing. Our research spans from fundamental research in intrinsic materials properties, device performance, reliability understanding to the applied areas in system/prototype level performance and testing. Currently, the department has focused on 8 research areas.

Research Areas

Staff and Student Achievement

  • ELE staff, Dr Yao Kui is awarded by the 2020 AME Individual Research Grants (IRG) for his project titled “Niobium-based Lead-free Piezoelectric Materials with Mobile Lattice Defects and Outstanding Electromechanical Coupling Effects”
  • ELE attachment student, Sim May Inn, was 1 of 3 Asia-Pacific recipients of the Best Presentation Award for her talk on “Interplay of skyrmion-skyrmion interactions with current-driven dynamics in multilayer nanowires” at the 2020 IEEE Magnetics Around-the-Globe Conference.
  • ELE staff, Dr. Alex Eng Yong Sheng has won Silver Award of the SNIC-Prof Lee Soo Ying Early Career Research Award.
  • ELE staff, Dr. Lum Yanwei is awarded by the 1st ASTAR Career Development Awards (CDA) for his project titled “Enabling efficient CO2 to chemicals conversion via machine learning driven prediction of catalyst performance”


Dr Lim Sze Ter
Head of Department

Dr Ho Pin
Deputy Head of Department

Dr Jayce Cheng
Deputy Head of Department