The PMC Department aims to generate novel composite material knowledge and incubate the composite technology. The research in PMC Department centers on the design and engineering of high performance, multifunctional fillers and polymer composites. Our key capabilities span from composite design, synthesis, modification, testing and characterization to composite waste management and upcycling. We offer solutions to various sectors of industries such as chemical, aerospace, automotive, medical, green and urban development. For example, in the wake of COVID-19, we have participated in the testing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) using a range of facilities and expertise available in the PMC Department.

2020 10 06 Revised PMC 1

Currently, PMC Department is focusing on four broad themes, i.e. Advanced Composite Materials, Advanced Composite Engineering, 3D Printing Composite, and Structural Power.

2020 10 06 PMC 2

Department Head:
Dr. Warintorn Thitsartan
Email: thitsartarnw@imre.a-star.edu.sg

Deputy Head:
Dr. Tay Siok Wei
Email: taysw@imre.a-star.edu.sg

More about PMC research groups:

Advanced Composite Materials
Advanced Composite Engineering
3D Printing Composite
Structural Power