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3D Printing Composite

The merits of 3D printing make it possible for personalized medical devices and patient-specific implants. Since every patient is unique, 3D printing can create medical devices that are tailor-made for specific patient's anatomy as compare to the traditional manufacturing. The PMC 3D printing group focuses on the development of the printable composites materials and printing technologies for healthcare medical devices applications through collaboration with Singapore General Hospital (SGH), National Dental Center Singapore (NDCS), and local SME such as Star 3D. The group also focus on the development of high mechanical performance engineering materials, various functional materials for 3D printing and various post-treatment techniques with local companies such as AppliedCHEMSG and AGT.

1. Printable Functional Materials

  • Luminescent materials and photochromic materials development
  • Electrical, mechano-responsive, and shape memory printing materials
  • Various stimuli responsive materials (temperature, time, humidity)
  • 3D printing post-treatment technologies (smoothness, conductivity, hardness, water resistant and so on)
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2. Composited based 3D printing for Engineering Applications

  • Sequencing polymerization technique for toughing polymer development 
  • Strong and hard materials development
  • Flexible materials development with high prinitng accuracy for engineering and medical applications
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3. Healthcare medical products manufacturing 

  • Safety printing resins development
  • Various printing dental products with high mechanical performance
  • Dental crown with natural color and digital shade matching technique 
  • Orthopedics product printing with enhanced toughing and biocompatibility
2020 10 08 3D Printing Composite3(resized)

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