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A*STAR IMRE Highly Cited Researchers of 2021

Clarivate's annual list of Highly Cited Researchers™ identifies scientists who have published multiple highly cited papers in the last decade. Their highly cited papers rank in the top 1 per cent by citations for their chosen field or fields and year in the Web of Science™, distinguishing them as hugely influential among their peers.

Two of IMRE's researchers have been recognised as the world's most influential scientific minds in 2021. We learn more about their work and what drives them to push the frontiers of scientific excellence.

Dr. Liu Zhaolin
Principal Scientist I
Electronic Materials Department

hcr-2021-liu-zhaolin“My research interests are in batteries and electrochemical energy storage devices as well as relative materials, electrocatalysis for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions as well as hydrogen evolution and oxidation reactions, as well as fuel cells.

Currently, I co-lead the IAF-ICP Project which develops next generation Li-ion batteries with high energy density, and lead the CRF Project which develops Pt and their alloy nanomaterials for highly efficient electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction and hydrogen evolution reaction."

Dr. Liu Zhaolin is Senior Scientist III and Senior Group Leader at IMRE. Dr. Liu’s expertise is in electrochemistry, battery materials and their applications in batteries. He is a pioneer of layered structure cathode material in lithium-ion battery. LiNi1-x-yCoxMnyO2 as a new lithium-ion battery cathode material was first reported by Dr. Liu in 1999 (J. Power Sources 1999, 81-82, 416). His work on LiNi1-x-yCoxMnyO2 cathode material resulted in the following the discoveries of NCM333, NCM532 and NCM622. Now they have been extensively used in lithium-ion battery field. His research has led to more than 210 publications on high-impact international peer-reviewed journals with more than 19,200 citations (H-index: 77, by Google Scholar).

Dr. Seh Zhi Wei 
Senior Scientist II
Electronic Materials Department

8-drsehzw-copy“Lithium-ion batteries today are reaching their theoretical energy limits. To overcome these limits, my team works on next-generation sodium- and magnesium-ion batteries, which can offer higher energy density and/or lower cost due to the different material chemistries. Recently, we developed one of the world’s best-performing sodium-sulfur battery operating over 1000 cycles at room temperature.

We are currently developing magnesium-sulfur batteries with even higher energy density and improved safety. These advanced batteries can be used to power both stationary and electromobile applications for a sustainable energy future.”

Dr. Seh Zhi Wei is a Senior Scientist at IMRE. Dr. Seh’s research interests lie in the design of new materials for energy storage and conversion, and he is widely recognized for designing the first yolk-shell nanostructure in lithium-sulfur batteries. Dr. Seh has published in many top journals such as Science, Nature Energy, Nature Materials, Nature Communications, Nature Catalysis, and Nature Machine Intelligence. For his research achievements, he also received numerous awards including Vebleo Fellow Award, Ten Outstanding Young Persons, Emerging Investigators, Singapore NRF Fellowship, Innovators under 35 Asia, MRS Graduate Student Award, and A*STAR National Science Scholarship.