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A*Star Researchers recognised for contributions to Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC)

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Dr. Xu Jian Wei is the award recipient of the Shimadzu-SNIC Industry Award in Applied and Translational Chemistry. This award recognises and rewards outstanding individuals who have achieved research excellence in selected chemistry and chemical sciences areas. The nature of the awards reflects the significance of the Materials and Nano-Chemistry, Applied and Translational Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, and Chemistry Education to Singapore. The Industry Awards also mark the importance of the research-industry-academic trilateral relationship. 

Dr. Jason Lim, Dr. Yang Le, Dr. Shermin Goh and Dr. Xue Kun are the award recipients of the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) Merit Service Award for their contributions to the national body for the chemical profession in Singapore. The team successfully organised the Chemistry National Meeting - ChnmSg 2020. The SNIC Merit Service Award recognises individuals for their meaningful contributions to the advancement of the SNIC through active committee work.

Our heartiest congratulations to all the award recipients!