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A*STAR researchers win NEA Food Resource Valorisation Award

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Heartiest Congratulations to Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)'s researchers, Chee Heng Li, Ice Tee Si Yin, Lay Chee Leng, Lin Jie Rong Esther Marie and Teng Choon Peng!

The research team have found a way to use food waste to create engineered biocellulose for high-value medical biomaterials and engineering composites, winning the NEA Food Resource Valorisation Award.

By optimising the cultivating media – food waste – for biocellulose, the research team can make biocellulose films in a way that is suitable for large-scale production, paving the way for more sustainable alternatives to the traditional linear economy of take, make, and dispose.

The research team continues to modify these biocellulose films for a range of applications, such as biomaterials, food, photonics, and electronics.

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