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Cheaper, cleaner batteries part of Singapore’s green energy push

CNA - Dr. Chiam Sing Yang image 2
Singapore is looking to capture a slice of the global battery market which is expected to triple by 2030. Already, the country is home to two major production plants, and it is hoping to further seize new opportunities in areas such as battery waste recycling. Supported by the National Research Foundation to further battery development here, the Singapore Battery Consortium is working with industry members and researchers to make Singapore the authoritative voice in battery manufacturing space, and bring local solutions to the market more quickly.

Dr. Chiam Sing Yang, Co-Lead of the Urban and Green Tech Horizontal Programme Office at A*STAR, said: “We are still in the initial stage of EV adoption, and we're looking at a 20-30% compound annual growth in this market, both in terms of dollar value and the volume of batteries.”
“If energy is like a future currency, then battery itself is almost like a wallet or the credit card. With portability, we can bring energy around. Without an avenue to store energy, you can't control and you can’t optimise how you want energy to flow,” Dr Chiam added. 

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