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Scientists Develop Plant Communication Device

2021 03 16 IMRE-NTU team for plant communication electrode deviceMembers of the research team include (from left) PhD student Li Wenlong, President's Chair Professor in Materials Science and Engineering Chen Xiaodong, A*STAR IMRE's Professor Loh Xian Jun and PhD student Luo Yifei.

A team of scientists led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) developed a device that can deliver electrical signals to and from plants, opening the door to new technologies that make use of plants. The plant communication device was developed by attaching a conformable electrode on the surface of a Venus flytrap plant using hydrogel as an adhesive.

Seeking to improve the device’s performance, the team collaborated with researchers at A*STAR's Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE). Executive Director of IMRE and co-lead author of the Advanced Materials study, Professor Loh Xian Jun, said: "The device can now stick to more types of plant surfaces, and more securely so, marking an important step in the field of plant electrophysiology."

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