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SIBFI at SIAW 2023: Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia

SIFBI is here at booth A01 showcasing our innovative solutions aimed at delivering nutritious and sustainable foods and ingredients for the region and beyond. These efforts are propelling the global Agri-Food ecosystem and Agri-Tech Industry into a sustainable future. 

Some key highlights of SIFBI showcase at the booth include:

  • Fungal strains and their use as functional ingredients and high value compound
  • Demonstration of platform technology which can convert food and agricultural sidestreams into single cell protein for both food and aquafeed applications
  • Process engineering to enhance organoleptic properties of food prototype and improve techno-functional properties of protein ingredients
  • In-vitro modelling capabilities – SHIME, to understand food and nutrient interactions with the gut, including influence on the digestion, gut microbiome fermentation, bioavailability and rate of intestinal absorption
  • Scale up capabilities of alternative protein in food processing and fermentation

We were honored to have Mr Alvin Tan, Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Dr Poh-Koon Koh (Dr) , Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment & Ministry of Manpower and His Excellency Allaster Cox, Australian High Commissioner to Singapore, visit the A*STAR booth at the Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia. We were delighted to hear them share invaluable insights on food sustainability and innovation with us.

Apart from the Expo, we also have on stage our SIFBI scientists, Dr. Raffael Osen, group leader of food process engineering and Dr Shaun Sim, Senior Scientist of Nutrition group, as well as Prof Jeya Henry, Senior Advisor of A*STAR Biomedical Research Council (BMRC), at the Global Agrifood Scientific Symposium during day two of SIAW 2023! They shared pioneering insights into plant-based foods, public health nutrition, and advancing alternative protein development.

Dive deeper into their discussions:
Dr Shaun Sim shared opportunities to improve the nutrition and manufacturing of traditional and everyday foods. He further examines some formulation and nutritional opportunities for plant proteins and fats, such as tailoring their properties to influence cardiometabolic outcomes.

Dr Raffael Osen shared SIFBI scale up capabilities of extrusion and protein texturization for hybrid future food prototyping and process development for plant protein ingredients from lab to pilot production.

Prof Jeya Henry shared insights on strategies to develop foods with specific health benefits, and by harnessing emerging technologies to develop foods with functional attributes.