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A*STAR scientists develop future foods that can help manage vitamin-deficient related disorders and promote better health outcomes

Dr Gan Renyou

Our very own Dr. Renyou Gan, Principal Scientist, was featured on Channel 8's Morning Express.

In the interview, Dr. Gan shared insightful perspectives on the role of nutrition and supplements in our daily lives. He highlighted how factors such as age, gender, lifestyle, health status, and dietary preferences can influence our nutritional needs.

Dr. Gan also gave us a sneak peek into the innovative work that is being done at SIFBI. Our researchers are developing plant-based food products tailored to specific populations. Imagine high protein soft tofu and high-energy crackers designed to address malnutrition risks and eating challenges for the elderly! 👵🧓

He also touched upon the development of functional foods and ingredients which provide health benefits beyond their basic nutritional value, for example, SIFBI scientists are working on a project to discover lactic acid bacteria that can produce certain vitamins. Dr. Gan hopes to develop the discovered candidate strains into probiotics and fermented foods that can help people prevent and manage some vitamin-deficient related disorders.

Stay tuned for more updates from SIFBI as we continue to innovate in the field of food and biotechnology!

Watch the full video here: