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Is coffee without coffee beans still coffee? We tried this new made-in-Singapore alternative from upcycled food waste

Bean There, Done That? Prefer's Bean-Free Coffee is here to brew up a storm!

At A*STAR’s SIFBI, we're all about innovation – developing coffee without coffee beans!  A big congratulations to our spinoff company, Prefer | bean-free coffee, for their remarkable achievement in creating a sustainable, bean-free coffee alternative!

Founders, Jake Berber and Ding Jie Tan embarked on this journey to address the challenges of diminishing coffee farmland and the significant carbon footprint associated with traditional coffee production. This is done through an innovative approach via the upcycling of locally sourced food waste e.g. okara, surplus bread and spent barley grains and biotechnology to produce sustainable coffee alternatives.

Their product is similar to ground coffee that can be brewed using traditional brewing techniques, providing versatility for both consumers and coffee shops. Grab your cup of Prefer's bean-free coffee at various cafes across Singapore, including Dough, Brash Boys, and First Story Ca​​fe. This advancement not only promotes sustainable food practices but also serves as a source of inspiration for upcoming food technology initiatives.

Let’s raise our (non-traditional) coffee cups to Prefer! Cheers to innovation, sustainability, and a future where coffee does not always equate to beans.

Read how Prefer made their bean-free coffee from fermented and roasted soya pulp, old bread and beer grain