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The Skin Health Monitoring Centre (SHMC) is the testing and validation arm of SRIS as well as skin imaging development centre.

Led by Prof Steven Thng in collaboration with Prof Malini Olivo, SHMC offers a range of technical capabilities tailored to skin imaging,  structural, functional, and biochemical analyses, thus providing valuable information on individual differences in skin health, stress responses, and therapeutic efficacy.

In addition to skin imaging development, SHMC is also the clinical trial centre for novel skin therapeutics. We conduct a full range of clinical trials, ranging all the way from early Phase 1 to consumer care. At present, our facility is housed in the P. H Feng Research Centre, a fully-equipped clinical research ward located in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Key instrumentation

The Skin Health Monitoring Platform uses cutting-edge technology including:

Confocal Raman Spectroscopy which collects information on biochemical components within the skin. Uniquely, the team has engineered a handheld probe that allows for flexible imaging at various areas on the body.

Multispectral Optical Tomography (MSOT) which generates high-resolution optical images, even within deeper tissue. Capable of providing functional information such as oxygenation, and particularly useful for imaging skin cancers.

Raster Scanning Optical Tomography (RSOM) and Multispectral Optical Tomography (MSOM): These technologies provide structural images of the different layers of the skin, including vascular architecture, therefore lending their strength to the study of skin inflammatory disorders.

Our services

The Skin Health Monitoring Centre is a versatile unit; our suite of capabilities can be utilised in a range of applications, including proof-of-concept studies, clinical research on disease pathophysiology and co-morbidities, responses to therapeutics, or clinical trials.

Working with us

Collaborative research projects are welcome.

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