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Dr Lim Joo Hwee

"For his nurturing and inspiring leadership, exemplified by various young staff having taken up A*STAR leadership roles under his mentorship"

Joo Hwee has always been recognised as an inspiring mentor to his project members, department staff, and scholars. If a mentor’s success is measured by the achievements of his mentees, 2017 marks a significant milestone in Joo Hwee’s leadership as a unit head. Several of Joo Hwee’s young mentees under 40 (for instance, Dr Cheston Tan, Dr Chua Yam Song, Dr Lin Jie and Dr Vijay Chandrasekhar) have benefited under his mentorship, and have taken up leadership roles in A*STAR in the past year.


REVIVE (Reverse-Engineering Visual Intelligence for cognitiVe Enhancement)

“For the REVIVE team’s effort in creating a conducive environment to train young researchers to achieve independence and leadership”

The REVIVE team is recognised for creating a conducive environment to train young researchers to achieve independence and leadership, with tangible output. In 2017, several of Joo Hwee’s young mentees were promoted to take on leadership roles in A*STAR, and several new high-impact and well-funded research directions were initiated and led by young REVIVE members. Some demonstrations of the team’s effort include: young scientists being given the opportunity to hone their mentoring skills by being given responsibilities to co-supervise PhD students and interns, active guidance to members provided by the project leaders, and autonomy for members to pursue their research interests and hone their leadership skills.

RAP Mentorship Appreciation


Research Attachment Programme (RAP) is a 4 - 5 weeks attachment jointly organised by A*STAR and MOE. RAP provides pre-university students with an opportunity to be immersed in the research environment and to undertake a research project to gain insights into a specific area of science beyond the school curriculum at the A*STAR Research Institutes. Students in the RAP are from three groups namely, A*STAR Science Award (JC), Young Researchers Attachment Programme (ASEAN scholars) and A*STAR-MOE Local Student Attachment Programme (MOE-LSAP). Applicants for this programme will apply for the projects raised to A*GA.

We would like to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of our researchers who mentored the students in the recent RAP programme.