Biomedical materials webinar series

This webinar series showcases examples of materials designed for biomedical applications, covering a wide span of topics including bioelectronics wearables and bio-imaging, antimicrobial systems, tissue engineering and drug delivery.


Speaker: Title of webinar

30 July 2020
Prof John Rogers (Northwestern U):  Materials For Bio-Integrated Electronic Systems

12 August 2020
Prof Zhang Yong (NUS):  Upconversion Nanoparticles: Properties and Applications in Life Sciences and Medicine

28 August 2020
Prof Zhen Gu (UCLA):  Bioresponsive drug delivery

16 September 2020
Prof Mary Chan (NTU):  Antibacterial and antibiofilm polymers

25 September 2020
A/Prof Sarah Heilshorn (Stanford U):  Protein Engineering of Multi-functional Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine

6 October 2020
A/Prof Chew Sing Yian (NTU):  Biomimicking Polymeric Fiber Platforms For Directing Neural Cell Fate And Tissue Regeneration