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Flexible Materials & Devices Webinar Series

Initiated by the AME Programmatic Cyber Physiochemical Interfaces (CPI), IMRE co-hosted/co-organised this webinar series on Flexible Materials & Devices, bringing together internationally-renowned experts on topics ranging from wearable/flexible/stretchable/polymeric materials, devices and electronics. The on-going series has an extended format of starting off with a one-hour closed-door panel discussion with the programmatic team, followed by a 1.5hour public webinar lecture and Q&A. The series aims to engage the flexible electronics community in an interactive and in-depth manner, meanwhile providing inspirational and career-oriented discussion for researchers of all stages in their careers.


Speaker: Title of Webinar

1 September 2020
Prof Zhenan Bao (Stanford University):  Skin-inspired electronics and sensors

15 September 2020
Prof Paul Weiss (UCLA):  Adding the chemical dimension to lithography at all scales: enabling cellular therapies and other adventures in biology and medicine

29 September 2020
Prof Anne Andrews (UCLA):  Advancing Aptamer-FET Sensors for Implantable and wearable applications

13 October 2020
Prof Kim Dae-Hyeong (Seoul National University):  Unconventional Bioelectronics using Soft Materials and Devices

3 November 2020
Prof Sir Richard Friend (University of Cambridge):  Thin film electronics with organic and perovskite semiconductors

24 November 2020
Asst Prof Wei Gao (California Institute of Technology):  Skin-Interfaced wearable sweat biosensors