HealthTEC - IMRE webinar series

Digital healthcare is a rapidly growing field and has demonstrated to be able to fill in the healthcare gap in view of the growing ageing population and escalating non-communicable diseases. It improves the quality of and access to care, while reducing costs by empowering individuals with personalised and remote monitoring capabilities. In this webinar series, we share some of the future of health sensing materials and technologies.


Speaker: Title of Webinar

30 October 2020

Session I: Advanced Wearables For Continuous And Remote Monitoring

Prof Peh Li Shiuan (NUS):  pH Watch: Real-time Sensing on Wearables

Dr Shermin Goh (IMRE, A*STAR):  Ion Sensors for Healthcare Monitoring

Mr Pawan Gandhi (KaHa Pte Ltd):  Wellness Remote Monitoring - The New Norm for Businesses