IMRE-IMCB Joint Lab Webinar Series

IMRE and IMCB is launching a joint lab to strengthen our collaboration and to support A*STAR's mission for use-inspired research. Our focus will be to apply advanced material technology developed in IMRE, to clinically and commercially relevant biomedical applications, in partnership with biomedical scientists from IMCB. This IMRE-IMCB joint lab will serve as a test-bed to validate proof-of-concept ideas to facilitate future grant applications, commercialisation and spin-offs efforts. 

To kick off, a webinar series featuring colleagues from both IMCB and IMRE had been organized to showcase both RIs' research capabilities. Through these series, we hope to generate more exciting ideas to facilitate inter SERC-BMRC collaborations.

If you would like to find out more about this joint lab effort, please contact Dr Su Xinyi from IMCB ( or Dr Li Zibiao from IMRE ( for more information.


Speaker: Title of Webinar

14 August 2020
Dr Andrea Pavesi (IMCB, A*STAR):  Shaping in-vitro solid tumour for cell therapy optimization

Dr Liu Yuxin (IMRE, A*STAR):  Polymeric bioelectronics for sensing and modulation

21 August 2020
Dr. Liu Zengping (IMCB, A*STAR):  Nanostructured biomaterials for ophthalmic implants

Dr. Kai Dan (IMRE, A*STAR):  Polymeric nanofibrous scaffolds for biomedical applications

28 August 2020
Dr Chooi Wai Hon (IMCB, A*STAR):  Hydrogel Technology for 3D spheroid culture

Dr Li Zibiao (IMRE, A*STAR):  Biodegradable polymeric therapeutic applications

4 September 2020
Dr Soh Boon Seng (IMCB, A*STAR):  Hardware for the heart

Dr  Ong Qunya (IMRE, A*STAR):  Micro-nano fabrication for biomedical applications

11 September 2020
Dr Sayan Chakraborty (IMCB, A*STAR):  Applications of Agrin Biology in the cancer microenvironment and tissue repair

Dr Ye Enyi (IMRE, A*STAR):  Design of Functional Inorganic Nanomaterials for Bioapplications