NTU (MSE) - IMRE Joint webinar series

To foster greater research collaborations between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), a webinar series had been jointly organized by the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) department of NTU and Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) of A*STAR. This webinar series featured outstanding academics and researchers from NTU (MSE) and IMRE, showcasing the excellent state of the art research capabilities from both organisations. It is envisaged that this webinar series will inspire and generate exciting ideas for potential collaborations in advancing research in the field of materials science.

For further potential collaboration initiative, please contact Dr Li Zibiao from IMRE (lizb@imre.a-star.edu.sg) or Prof Alex Yan from NTU (alexyan@ntu.edu.sg).


Speaker: Title of Webinar

1 September 2020
A/Prof Ng Kee Woei (NTU MSE): Human Hair Keratins: From Biowaste to Functional Materials

Dr Kai Dan (IMRE, A*STAR): Lignin: Making Value-added Materials from Waste

8 September 2020
Prof Alex Yan (NTU MSE): Thermoelectric Materials for heat recycling

Dr Xu Jian Wei (IMRE, A*STAR):  Overview of thermal management materials

15 September 2020
Prof Hu Xiao (NTU MSE):  Plastic Recycling Academic Perspective vs Practical Needs

Dr Ye Enyi (IMRE, A*STAR):  Converting the Plastic Wastes into Fuel/Chemicals

22 September 2020
Asst. Prof Dalton Tay (NTU MSE):  Value creation of electronic and agri-food wastes

Dr Luo He-Kuan (IMRE, A*STAR):  Transformation of wastes to value-added materials

29 September 2020
Dr Zhu Qiang (IMRE, A*STAR):  Applications of Phase Change Materials as Thermal Storage Materials

Dr Wang Shi Jie (IMRE, A*STAR):  Phase change materials VO2: from materials growth to applications

6 October 2020

A/Prof Li Shuzhou (NTU MSE):  Material Discovery with Machine Learning trained from a Small Database

Asst. Prof Kedar Hippalgaonkar (IMRE, A*STAR):  AI for inverse design of functional materials

20 October 2020
Prof Lam Yeng Ming (NTU MSE):  "Soft" materials - Some Sustainable Solutions

Dr Su Xiao Di (IMRE, A*STAR):  Portable Biosensors for Environmental Monitoring