Optics & Photonics Webinar Series

The Optics & Photonics webinar series provide a platform for IMRE scientists, A*STAR researchers and University Professors to have strong interactions with each other for establishing potential research collaborations. It mostly covers the research topics such as plasmonics, dielectric nanoantennas, metamaterials, metasurfaces, photonic materials and 3D optical displays.


Speaker: Title of Webinar

8 May 2020
Dr Liu Hailong (IMRE, A*STAR): Nano-optical devices for anti-counterfeiting

15 May 2020
Mr Salih Yanikgonul (IMRE, A*STAR):  Silicon waveguide avalanche photodiodes for photonic integrated circuits

22 May 2020
 Dr Ho Jinfa (IMRE, A*STAR):  Silicon nanostructures for directional emission & multi-spectral detection of light

29 May 2020
Dr Paterova Anna (IMRE, A*STAR):  Quantum imaging for semiconductor industry

5 June 2020
A/Prof Joel Yang (SUTD & IMRE, A*STAR):  From 2D TO 3D Nano Optical Design Elements (NODE)

12 June 2020
Dr Darren Neo (IMRE, A*STAR):  The 2nd wave : Non-toxic colloidal quantum dots and its applications

19 June 2020
Dr Ding Lu (IMRE, A*STAR):  Low Loss Slow Light Waveguiding in Coupled Subwavelength Silicon Mie Resonators

26 June 2020
Dr Dong Zhaogang (IMRE, A*STAR):  Dielectric & Plasmonic Si Optical Nanoantennas

3 July 2020
Dr Pan Jisheng (IMRE, A*STAR):  X-ray photoelectron spectrocopy (XPS) & its application in material surface & interface characterization

17 July 2020
Dr Teng Jing Hua (IMRE, A*STAR):  Photonsieves for Versatile Optical Wavefront Manipulation

24 July 2020
Dr Dmitry Kalashnikov (IMRE, A*STAR):  Nonlinear Interferometry with Infrared Metasurfaces

7 August 2020
Dr Nikolai Yakovlev (IMRE, A*STAR):  Precision Ellipsometry

14 August 2020
Prof Zhang Cheng (Huazhong University of Science and Technology):  Spatiotemporal Manipulation of Optical Fields with Metasurfaces

21 August 2020
Dr Wu Lin (IHPC, A*STAR):  Quantum Plexcitonic Strong Coupling

4 September 2020
Dr Wang Zeng (IMRE, A*STAR):  Chiral Metasurface and Its Interaction with Active Materials

11 September 2020
Dr Teo Ee Jin (IMRE, A*STAR):  Plasmonic Light Emitting Devices for Li-Fi and Microdisplays

18 September 2020
Prof Robert Edward Simpson (SUTD):  Phase Change Materials: Physics, Design & Applications

25 September 2020
Prof Liu Yongmin (Northeastern University):  Interfacing Photonics with Artificial Intelligence: A New Design Strategy for Photonic Metamaterials based on Deep Learning

23 October 2020
Prof Luo Yu (NTU):  Active and Tunable Metasurfaces for Imaging, Holography and Wireless Communication