Polymer Chemistry and Materials webinar series

Polymeric materials constitute integral parts of our modern daily lives as evident in their numerous applications from plastics, buildings to semiconductors. In IMRE, we continue to anchor our efforts in the future of polymeric materials and therefore strive for continual technological breakthroughs in polymer science. The Polymer Chemistry and Materials Webinar Series was launched as part of such effort to (1) raise awareness of and reinforce the importance of polymer science, (2) to keep updated on the latest advances in polymer research breakthroughs, as well as (3) to foster understanding and collaborative spirit in the local as well as global scientific community in collectively advancing research in polymer science. The speakers presented on a plethora of topics in polymer science, ranging from novel techniques to design and synthesize functional polymers, the recycling of plastics through degradable polymers, synthetic biology, 3D printing of polymeric materials as well as machine-learning and automation in polymer design and synthesis. 


Speaker: Title of Webinar

17 June 2020
Dr Wang Chen-Gang (IMRE, A*STAR):  Advanced Design and Synthesis of Polymer Materials Via Controlled/Living Polymerisation

26 June 2020
Prof Aron Walsh (Imperial College London):  Computer-Accelerated Materials Design

3 July 2020
Prof George Guo-Qiang Chen (Tsinghua University):  Synthetic Biology based Next Generation Industrial Biotechnology

9 July 2020
Prof Alex van Herk (ICES, A*STAR):  Introduction of weak bonds in radical polymers via cyclic ketene acetal ring opening radical copolymerization; towards a circular economy for plastics

15 July 2020
Prof Tanja Junkers (Monash Univerisity):  Machine-Assisted Synthesis: Programmable Precision Polymers by the Push of a Button

Prof Michael Tam (University of Waterloo): Cellulose Nanocrystal – a promising sustainable nanomaterial for advanced engineering applications

11 August 2020
Prof Marc in het Panhuis (University of Wollongong):  3D printing of hard materials for surfboards