The Future IMRE Technologies Webinar Series

In this webinar series, IMRE researchers  shared a suite of future technologies that IMRE would be embarking on.

Week 1

Session 1:  24 August 2020

Dr Dennis Tan:  Advanced Alloys
Dr Wang Shi Jie:  Advanced Ceramic Composite & Coating

Session 2:  27 August 2020

Dr Andrew Ngo:  Structural Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation
Dr Warintorn Thitsartarn:  Advanced Composite Material

Week 2

Session 3:  31 August 2020

Dr Liu Songlin:  Advanced Composite Engineering
Dr Wang Fuke:  3D Printing

Session 4:  3 September 2020

Dr Derrick Fam:  Structural Power
Dr S. Tripathy:  Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Week 3

Session 5:  7 September 2020

Dr Lim Sze Ter:  SpEED: Emerging Spintronics
Dr Anjan Soumyanarayanan:  SpEED: Next-Generation Spintronics

Session 6:  10 September 2020

Dr Seh Zhi Wei: Battery Materials Research
Dr Liu Zhaolin:  Battery Development & Engineering

Week 4

Session 7:  14 September 2020

Dr Lum Yanwei:  Electrocatalysis
Dr Yao Kui:  Piezo Tech

Session 8:  17 September 2020

Dr Zhang Lei:  Acoustic & Imaging
Dr Hippalgaonkar Kedar:  Accelerated Materials Development for Manufacturing (AMDM)

Week 5

Session 9:  21 September 2020

Dr Lim Yee Fun:  Accelerated Catalyst Development Platform (ACDP)
Dr Zhu Qiang:  Cooling Tech

Session 10:  24 September 2020

Dr Kai Dan:  Green Infinity
Dr Ye Enyi:  Nano+

Week 6

Session 11:  28 September 2020

Dr Liu Ye:  Plastic waste upcycling
Dr Li Xu:  Circular Materials Lab

Session 12:  1 October 2020

Dr Li Zibiao:  MedTech Polymer
Dr Yang Le:  Functional Materials for Flexible & Printed Devices

Week 7

Session 13:  5 October 2020

Dr Jason Lim:  Sustainable Supramolecular Materials
Dr Shermin Goh:  Functional & Dynamic Cross-linked Polymer

Session 14:  8 October 2020

Dr Xue Kun:  Biomedical hydrogels
Dr Su Xiaodi:  Biosensors and Nanosensors

Week 8

Session 15:  12 October 2020

Dr Teo Peili:  Bioactive Polymer
Dr Ramon Paniagua:  Nanoantenna-based Spatial Light Modulators for next-gen optical technologies

Session 16:  15 October 2020

Dr Arseniy Kuznetsov:  Nanophotonics
Dr Leonid Krivitsky:  Quantum Sensors

Week 9

Session 17:  19 October 2020

Dr Teng Jinghua:  Optoelectronics
Dr Johnson Goh:  Quantum Materials & Devices

Session 18:  22 October 2020

Dr Nikodem Tomczak:  Advanced Nanometrology Group
Dr Dan Daniel:  The Droplet Lab

Week 10

Session 19:  26 October 2020

Dr Zainul Aabdin:  In Situ TEM: A metrology platform to visualize liquid processes in real-time at nanoscale
Mr Ong Kian Soo:  Agritech Thematic Lab

Week 11

Session 20:  2 November 2020

Dr Dong Zhaogang:  Advanced Nanopatterning
Mr Leonard Verano Gonzaga:  Micro & Nano Fabrication

Session 21:  5 November 2020

Dr Ji Rong:  Microscopy and Physical Property Group
Mr Lai Szu Cheng:  Productisation Group

Week 12

Session 22:  9 November 2020

Ms Tan Sze Yu:  Thermal and Spectroscopy Group
Mr Xing Zhenxiang:  Surface science and chemical group

Session 23:  12 November 2020

Dr Lin Ming:  TEM Research