The Green Scene Webinar Series

Launching the first webinar series in the face of the new norm of working from home during the unprecedented and challenging pandemic period, we have introduced the Green Scene Webinar series to kickstart the format of bringing intellectual discourse to IMRE (and beyond) without travelling. In this series, we brought in both overseas and domestic prominent academics across a wide range of topics relating to green/clean energy, chemistry, technologies, etc. We hope that this series of inspiring lectures would set the scene and encourage further innovation and collaborations by local researchers in the area of green technologies for a more sustainable future.


Speaker: Title of webinar

21 May 2020
Prof Huang Kuo Wei (KAUST):  Fuelling the Future

26 May 2020
Prof Omar Yaghi (UC Berkeley): Reticular Chemistry for Clean Energy and Water

29 May 2020
A/Prof Soo Han Sen (NTU):  Approaches to Unifying Photoredox Catalysis and Artificial Photosynthesis by Upcycling Non-Biodegradable Plastics

5 June 2020
Dr Lum Yanwei (IMRE, A*STAR):  Making chemicals from renewable energy

18 June 2020
Dr Bu Jie (ICES, A*STAR):  CO2 Mineralization: a Bridge linking CO2 Mitigation and Climate Adaptation

22 June 2020
Prof Ted Sargent (U Toronto):  Decarbonizing fuels and petrochemicals
29 June 2020
A/Prof Jason Yeo (NUS):  Electrochemical reduction of CO2 to liquid fuels

14 July 2020
A/Prof Tong Yen Wah (NUS):  Handling municipal solid waste by conversion to energy and resource

16 July 2020
Prof Charlotte Williams (U Oxford):  Making Polymers from CO2

23 July 2020
Dr Jonathan Low (SIMTech, A*STAR):  How Life Cycle Assessment Can Guide Decisions and Planning for Sustainable Development

7 August 2020
Dr Bruno Ehrler (AMOLF):  Towards Stable Perovskite Solar Cells & LEDs

20 August 2020
A/Prof Tong Yen Wah (NUS):  Decentralized anaerobic digestion of food waste into energy and resources

25 August 2020
Prof Karen Wilson (RMIT):  Designer catalysts for biorefining

Prof Adam Lee (RMIT):  Nanoengineered catalysts for sustainable chemistry

2 September 2020
Prof Judith Driscoll (U Cambridge):  New Materials and Structures for Low Loss Non-Volatile Memory

14 September 2020
Prof Sir Richard Friend (U Cambridge):  Management of the Coulomb interaction in organic LEDs and solar cells