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Next-gen Battery Technology

The next-gen battery technology group houses an agile team of talented battery scientists possessing cross-platform expertise and capabilities. We brew emerging battery technologies of high technology readiness level (TRL) that have potentials in shaping battery industries in the near future. With our unique problem-solving skills, we are able to respond to broader industry problem statements and requests, working with industry collaborators in IP translation, process improvement and product validation.


Li-metal and Anode-free Battery

  • Specific energy density >400 Wh/kg 
  • Volumetric energy density >1200 Wh/L
2020 10 14 Emerging Tech 2

Battery and Process Design

  • Electrolyte formulation 
  • Pre-lithiation
  • Dry electrode processing

Battery Pack Design

  • Advanced sensoring
  • Thermal management (immersion cooling)
  • Thermal runaway mitigation
Next-Gen-Battery 1

Battery Testing

  • Cell level performance
  • Module/Pack Performance
  • Abuse and safety
Next-Gen-Battery 2

Battery Data/Analytics

  • Data collection and sorting
  • Machine learning for battery states
  • Operation-performance correlation
  • Dynamic EIS for safety grading