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Metal Additive Manufacturing

Advancing the material discovery for metal additive manufacturing (AM) to create sustainable and cleaner manufacturing solutions for high value metal products.

Areas of Research:

  • Alloy formulation development using/for metal AM
  • Machine-learning accelerated metallic materials discovery using metal AM
  • High performance magnetic materials development using metal AM
  • Metal powder synthesis and production for metal AM
  • Metal waste recycling for metal AM


1. Rapid alloy prototyping using powder bed selective laser melting

Technology overview and benefits

  • Rapid screening of alloy compositions
  • High throughput characterization and performance evaluation

1.	Rapid alloy prototyping using powder bed selective laser melting

2. In-situ alloy development using laser engineering net shaping

Technology overview and benefits
  • In-situ alloying using 4 hopper powder blow laser melting system
  • Rapid fabrication of testing coupons for mechanical performance evaluation
In-situ Alloy Development using Laser Engineering

3. Powder synthesis and production

Technology overview and benefits
  • Powder synthesis and Production system to support the metal AM development
  • Customized low-volume powder synthesis

Powder Synthesis and Production

4. Magnetic alloy and prototyping

Technology overview and benefits
  • Magnetic alloy development using metal AM
  • 3D printing of magnetic components for electrification

Metal and Alloy Prototyping

Applicable Industries

  • Precision Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction