The National Metrology Centre(NMC) look for motivated students to join us to work on Metrology related projects in the Science & Technology arena in Acoustics and Vibration, Electrical, Gas, Length and Dimensional, Mass & Force, Optical Radiation, Pressure & Flow, RF & Microwave, Temperature & Humidity, Time & Frequency technical areas. Interested Students may write-into with a project proposal or state their interest in working in specific technical areas, for our consideration.

Project Proposals and Brief Descriptions for Attachment Students: An Invitation

Talent Development

For Undergraduate Students

  • Final Year Project (FYP) (include testimonials)

    The duration of FYP ranges from 6 months to 12 months, depending on the scope of the project. An NMC Scientist will be assigned as the main Supervisor for the FYP. The schedule and deliverables are discussed between the Student and the Supervisor and set after a mutual consensus is reached. All Students need to complete a Risk Assessment and Health and Safety training, before commencement of the project.

    A successful FYP is expected to move on to further learning opportunities within NMC or A*STAR. It can be in the form of one of the many Scholarship opportunities available, subject to interest and eligibility of the applicant. You can see more details on Scholarships available here:

  • Internships

    The National Metrology Centre also offers internship opportunities starting from a minimum of 12 weeks. Students will be given an overview of the various metrological techniques available for use and their practical applications by the industry and academia. They will also be able to participate in small projects or other activities, that can help in creating more awareness on the importance of metrology in our daily lives.

  • Hear from our UG Students:

Name: Kavindra Senaratna
(Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering, NUS)

Project Title: A feasibility study on characterizing diesel vehicle emissions using isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS)

“The National Metrology Centre (NMC) has provided me with many valuable opportunities to get hands-on experience working in a research lab, which included working with top-of-the-line instruments and learning from experts in respective fields. Doing a Research Attachment at NMC fuelled in me a passion for research by giving me the opportunity to experience the joy of having a “Eureka” moment. It was also a very fun experience as the work environment and work culture was very good. My supervisor and other colleagues were extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. Overall it was a truly great experience.”

Name: Shen Yikai
(School of Chemical Life Sciences, Singapore Polytechnic)

Project Title: Development of stable isotope analysis using isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) for C3 & C4 plants and Management of gas reference materials &instruments

“NMC has provided me with various opportunities to explore new ideas, which include hands on experience with state-of-the-art Instruments and conducting studies to resolve challenges closely related to our daily life. Working in NMC is a fun and fruitful experience as it provides me with the opportunity to interact with people from different fields and acquire useful knowledge through fun and interactive projects. My supervisor in NMC is very caring and knowledgeable, it has been an enjoyable learning experience under his supervision. Through this internship I am more confident and independent, it is definitely a great working experience at NMC!” 

The IRMS Project team

Team members: Front, Left to Right (Shen Yikai - Student Intern, Singapore Polytechnic), (Kavindra Senaratna - Student Intern, National University of Singapore) Back, Left to Right (Kai Fuu Ming - NMC), (Cui Yuxi - NMC)


For Postgraduate Students

We encourage talented and motivated PG Students with a passion for Science & Technology in joining NMC.

As a National Metrology Institute our responsibility is in establishing, maintaining & disseminating internationally recognised standards and advancing Measurement Science. We conduct R&D in the science of measurement to enable innovation for emerging technologies including IoT & Sensors, AI, Additive Manufacturing,etc. and supports the growth of advanced technologies for industries such as clean energy, nanotechnology, and medical technology.

The enhanced accuracy of measurements provided by NMC promotes fair trade, safe environment, productivity, high quality and reliable products. We invite you to join us as a Postgraduate student. 

Hear from our PG Students:

chen runchang
Name: Chen Runchang
(Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS)

Project Title: Integrated Leakage Detection and Localization Model for Natural Gas Pipelines

“The NMC has provided valuable opportunities for me to be involved in a challenging and interesting project.  Being a Ph.D. student in NMC is a very happy and fruitful journey. The supervisors in NMC are nice and smart and can always give me useful suggestions when I am encountering difficulties. With the systematic and effective training, I believe I could be a qualified scholar and researcher after graduation.”

yuan fang
Name: Yuan Fang
(Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS)

Project Title: Integrated Leakage Detection and Localization Model for Natural Gas Pipelines

“Rigorous and Passionate” are the attitude I learnt from NMC. Every micrometre counts in each measurement of amount. Collaborated with experienced engineers, I gained knowledge of the ways to achieve a target and the efforts to elaborate on it.  The well-equipped experiments here provided a solid research environment and helped to get closer to the underlying principal. I highly appreciate the support and instruction of colleagues from the same project and really enjoy my time in NMC.”

For International Students

If you are interested in Student internship/attachment opportunities at NMC, please forward your CV with Testimonials from your educational institution and requested duration of attachment to

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