Measurement Skills Training Course

Measurement Skills Training Courses (MSTC) are conducted regularly for industry to upgrade their skills in measurement science and uncertainty, calibration and general metrology areas. NMC also offers customised training courses and consultancy based on individual companies' requirements.

Companies are welcome to consult with NMC to improve their measurement capabilities and to expand to other areas upon request

NMC Measurement Skills Training Courses FY 2023

Facilitator Course Title Planned
Course Date
Course fee (S$) Type
Pressure He Zhimin Measurement of differential pressure (DP) for mask 29 Sep 23 (Fri) 575 Online
Temperature Fan Yan Thermocouple Fundamentals: Calibration Principles and Measurement Science 06 Oct 23 (Fri) 575 Online
Time Liu Yan Ying Measurement capability of digital stopwatch and proficiency testing 19 Oct 23 (Thu) 700 Physical
Humidity Ye Shaochun Humidity Calibration using Chambers 18 Oct 23 (Wed) 575 Online
Pressure He Zhimin Vacuum and differential pressure measurement and calibration 20 Oct 23 (Fri) 575 Online
Electrical Jing Tao/Lee Tong Kiang High Voltage Testing Techniques and Safety Measures 26 Oct 23 (Thu) 700 Physical
Optical Liu Yuanjie Light and colour measurements 27 Oct 23 (Fri) 700 Physical
 Optical Liu Yuanjie and Zhang Jing UV light source and meter measurement and calibration 30 Oct 23 (Mon) 700 Physical
 TemperatureWang Li Radiation Themometry 30 & 31 Oct 23 (Mon/Tue) 1150 Online 
Flow Zeng Yan Basic Metrology and Uncertainty Analysis in Flow Measurements 03 Nov 23 (Fri) 700 Physical
 Vibration Mou JianqiangVibration measurement fundamentals and calibration02 Nov 23 (Thu)  700Physical 
Acoustic Ashhar Karalikkadan Primary Air-borne Acoustic Calibration 06 Nov 23 (Mon) 575 Online
Dimensional Wang ShihuaEvaluation of Uncertainty in Dimensional Measurements 16 & 17 Nov 2023 (Thu/Fri) 1150 Online
 Electrical (RF) Ms Koek Hui Ping/ Meng Yusong
 RF Measurement and Calibration : General Concept and Practice 17 Nov 23 (Fri) 700Physical 
Frequency Liu Yan Ying Frequency Measurement and Preparation of Proficiency Testing 21 Nov 23 (Tue) 700 Physical
Electrical Jing Tao/Tay Siew choon DMM Calibrations and the CMC Calculations 16 Jan 24 (Tue) 700 Physical
Dimensional Wang Shihua Measurement of Additively Manufactured Parts in Quality Control 12 Jan 24 (Fri) 700 Physical
Electrical Lim Kuan Hoong Precision Resistance Measurement 01 Feb 24 (Thu) 700 Physical
Optical Xu Baoxi Thermal issue and temperature measurement in AM process 28 Feb 24 (Wed) 575 Online
Dimensional Xu Dawei/Song Jian Introduction of Geometrical Characterization Methods (Dimension, Surface Finishing, and Internal Features) 01 Mar 24 (Fri) 575 Online
Dimensional Xu Dawei/ Song Jian Dimensional Measurement using Vision System 29 Mar 24 (Fri) 575 Online
Mass Lee Shih Mean Electronic Balance Calibration 1 day (TDC) 700 Physical
 Temperature (Contact)Fan Yan, Tang Hem Kiat  PT preparation for Thermocouple Simulation Measurement 01 Feb 24 (Thu) 350 Physical
 Acoustics and VibrationDr. Thomas Wu; Dr. Ashhar Karalikkadan  PT preparation for Acoustic Calibration 22 Nov 23 (Wed) 350 Physical
 Acoustics and VibrationDr. Mou Jianqiang; Dr. Ng Wee Hoe  PT preparation for Vibration Calibration Measurement24 Feb 24 (Mon)  350 Physical
OpticalLiu Yuanjie  PT preparation for Lux Meter measurement  350 Physical
Mass   PT preparation for Mass (Balance) Measurement   Physical

NMC offers customised training courses and consultancy to suit your organisation’s need. To find out more about MSTC or request for course customisation, contact us at