NMC believes in working in close collaboration with industry partners, to create values for them and fuel growth for the industry.


NMC helps companies to develop measurement capabilities and solutions with our internationally recognised measurement capabilities. NMC’s engages with companies in Aerospace, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical, Calibration and Testing, Construction, Electronics, Precision Engineering, and Semiconductor, and many other industry sectors.

NMC works with companies in the following ways:

  1. Calibration and Measurement Services (CMS) – Provide calibration and measurement services, which are traceable to the SI units, for measurement equipment.
  2. Measurement Assurance Programme (MAP) – Provide training courses, consultancy and proficiency tests to upgrade skills and competency in measurements.
  3. Industry Collaboration Projects – Collaborate in research and service projects to:
  • Design and set-up new measurement lab and procedures;
  • Develop measurement solutions to improve production processes and product/service development;
  • Validate performance and specification of new products; and
  • Develop new traceable measurement methods and standards


NMC collaborates with Publicly funded Universities in Singapore and with overseas Universities on various research collaboration and Metrology science development projects.

Our R&D interest encompasses several areas including Urban Solutions & Sustainability, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (Additive Manufacturing), IoT & Data Metrology, Food & Agri-tech, Sensor technologies (air, gas, liquid, flow,etc.), Climate change, Energy Efficiency, etc.

We look forward to hearing from University partners for collaborative activities- projects, talks, seminars, staff and student attachment, etc.