Enterprise Singapore Merit Award - Mr Chua Hock Ann

Enterprise Singapore Merit Award presented to NMC staff at Quality and Standards 2018 for contributing metrological expertise to Singapore Standardisation Programme

Mr Chua Hock Ann, Head of Mechanical Metrology Cluster of NMC, was presented with the Enterprise Singapore (ESG) Merit Award at the Quality and Standards Conference 2018, which was jointly organised by ESG, Singapore Standards Council and Singapore Accreditation Council on 26 Jul 2018, for his contribution as the Co-convenor of two Working Groups – Thermal Imagers that produced the SS 582 in 2013, and LNG Bunkering Specifications that produced the TR 56 in 2017. The biennial Conference brings together enterprises, trade associations and government agencies to discuss and promote quality and standard initiatives aimed at growing Singapore enterprises. Metrology and standardisation are two important pillars of the national standards and conformance infrastructure supporting the industry in ensuring product quality, raising process efficiency, and accessing global markets. In standardisation, many product and process specifications have to be measured and quantified at the right level of accuracy and consistency.

This is where metrology plays an important role – by providing scientific basis to ensure that the measurements are grounded on sound metrological principles, and are therefore valid, internationally comparable and will be accepted by customers and regulators everywhere. Together with domain exerts from the industry, research institutes and government agencies, NMC has been participating in the national standardisation programme by contributing metrological expertise in the standardisation processes that culminated in the adoption of standards, or production of Technical References (TRs) and Singapore Standards (SS).

 ESG Merit Award - Chua Hock Ann
Mr Chua Hock Ann (second from right) received the ESG Merit Award from Mr Png Cheong Boon (right), CEO of ESG, in the presence of Mr Renny Yeo (second from left), Chairman of Singapore Accreditation Counsil, and Mr Robert Chew (left), Chairman of Singapore Standards Council