NMC's 50th Anniversary Video

The NMC 50th Anniversary Video is an inspiring journey in time, celebrating the profound impact of the National Metrology Centre (NMC) on both the economy and Singapore society, with a focus on our partnerships, collaborations, and on what the future holds. It opens with a reflection on the enchantment of timepieces, unveiling the magic of accuracy that orchestrates the seamless synchronisation of our world. Long-time serving staff outlines the story of our evolution, from humble tools to quantum-based standards, emphasising the enduring commitment to accuracy and reliability that propels progress.

During the SARS outbreak, NMC was the focusing point for the public and manufacturers of body temperature measurement device, leading Singapore to be the pioneer in a measurement standard for thermal imagers in the battle against the epidemic. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, NMC remained resilient in supporting critical services provided by many sectors of industry. The video highlights NMC's steadfast commitment to maintaining measurement accuracy, particularly during crises, emphasising NMC’s crucial role in protecting communities and industries.

A spotlight is shone on collaborations with industry stakeholders and government bodies, highlighting NMC's transformative partnerships. The Mass Flow Metering collaboration with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) emerged as a testament to innovation, replacing manual operations with ground-breaking accuracy in bunkering, an important milestone in Singapore’s maritime industry.

NMC also plays a part in environmental progress by teaming up with GAIT to monitor carbon emissions. Additionally, the video also explores the development of self-calibrating temperature sensors with ACEZ, contributing to advancements in building cooling efficiency systems.

NMC emphasises our commitment to being a global leader in metrology, with a keen focus on sustainability, digitalisation, and quantum science throughout the video. In this video, NMC looks back, celebrates the past, and looks ahead to inspire the future. It envisions a world marked by accuracy, resilience, and progress, highlighting how metrology will shape this future. 

As NMC marks its 50th anniversary, the video encapsulates a spirit of optimism and commitment to continue propelling Singapore towards a better, more certain future.